For a set of cases tested on a physical or numerical system, can we predict an untested case?
More intuitive and faster than the previous version, Lunar V2.0.0 revolutionizes the industrial world thanks to this prediction capability by the "reduced model" methods that limits the testing or simulation calculation steps.

Why do you use reduced model?
  • Decrease the number of intensive computations or tests ;
  • Test more cases and faster make decision in the pre-project phases ;
  • Calibrate faster a model, an machine.

Strengths :
  • Validated and efficient model reduction algorithms;
  • Simple to run ;
  • On-board.

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organize a presentation of model reduction with Lunar.

A Design of experiments of 15 sets has been realised on a "sled test" finit element model, for which we have extracted the temporal response from the chest deflection.

The curves presented above show the responses constructed by the reduced model for the 15 cases tested, superimposed on the exact answers obtained by the FE calculations.

A parametric study is possible to test different cases instantaneously