Transform the real data into predictive business models.

Develop products for "Business Intelligence" and "Optimal Robust Design".

We are specialists in computing and modelling, combining numerical analysis as well as machine learning techniques. We develop real-time predictive models based on digital model simulations, mathematical analysis and data mining allowing for their exploitation in terms of compact information, expertise or "business models" (embedded or plug-ins). We also develop advanced models (vehicle, complex structure, component, biomechanics, finance, risk, safety, ...). We organize technical trainings (finite elements, crash, safety, CFD, modeling materials, optimization, reliability and robustness, data mining, risk analysis).

Keywords: finite elements (linear, nonlinear, static, dynamic), data fusion (pattern recognition), crash, safety, biomechanics, optimization, reliability, risk, stochastics analysis, complexity, reduced model, finite elements (NASTRAN, LS-DYNA, RADIOSS, PAM-Crash, ABAQUS, Autodesk, Inspire, Click2Cast, Click2Extrude, Click2Form), Modellica, training, C, C++, Python.

We produce software systems designed to generate technical guidelines that can be used in a rapid decision making process even if the underlying computing effort is heavy (reduced models, process automation, embedded tools, rapid technical specifications, etc.). We call these solutions "Decision Support Systems".

Keywords: finite element specific solvers, data fusion, optimization, analysis of industrial reliability, meta-models, reduced models, DOE .

We propose selected CAD/CAE software, aimed at scientific calculations in structural mechanics including  thermal, fluid flow, plastic injection, optimization, topology optimization, data analysis. We also provide basic and advanced level training and technical support for all the above solutions.

Keywords: ODYSSEE, Human Models for LS-DYNA and RADIOSS, NISA.

We are a 100% privately owned independent company.

Capital: 205 000 €

Since 1986:

  • CADLM is specialized in the integration of powerful software for the design, dimensioning and optimization of manufactured prodects requiring engineering tools or services ;
  • Software distribution : Autodesk mechanical suite, Autodesk nastraniInCad, Autodesk CFD, Inspire, Optimus.

Since 2000:

  • CADLM establishes a new department dedicated to the development of reduced methods for fast, real-time or on-board engineering with techniques of machnie learning ;
  • These methods are well adapted for the characterization of models in general and for applications ranging frm automotive, aeronautics, nuclear, civil engineering to biomedical, medical, insurance anf financial services, etc.

Since 2013:

  • CADLM has a new management and shareholder structure with focus on software development for robust optimal business and product models ;
  • CADLM launches the development of it's software plateform ODYSSEE (Optimal Decision Support Systems for Engineering and Expertise) ;
  • CADLM developps new finite element models of human bodies ;
  • Software distribution: Autodesk, Optimus.

Since 2014:

  • New software distribution from solidThinking editor: Inspire, topological optimisation software  ;
  • CADLM solution : ODYSSEE (Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise) available as beta-version for customized services.

Since 2015:

  • CADLM announces the first official release of it's plateform ODYSSEE available for customer use ;
  • New CADLM solution : the modules integrated in ODYSSEE are availables for end-users (optimizer, reduced models generaor, virtual testing tool with VT-Compare) : Stellar (process flow manager), Quasar (calculator), Pulsar (parser), Meteor (d.o.e. interpolator and post-processor), Nebular (data mining), Nova (Optimizer and D.O.E), Lunar ( reduced model generator).

Since 2016:

  • New softwares distribution from solidThinking editor: Click2Cast, casting feasibility evaluation software, Click2Extrude, extrusion feasibility evaluation software, Click2Form, stamping feasibility evaluation software.
  • CADLM propose news specific applications : CNC Quote, tool to generate automatically quotation in machining, OD Viewer, tool to analyse big data statically by web interface.